PCB Design

    Provide schematic diagrams and specifications

    “Exceeding Electronics” provides one-stop PCB assembly services for small and medium batch projects from PCB design, DFMA analysis, PCB manufacturing, SMT placement, to terminal DIP plug-ins.

    You only need to provide basic schematics and specifications, from PCB design, DFMA service, PCB manufacturing to the final mounting test, we can provide a one-stop solution.

    Engineer inspection

    According to the design specifications, design instructions, and customer design requirements, the engineer checks the schematic diagram, and records the problem to the customer as soon as possible.

    PCB design data output

    After the PCB Layout design is completed, the engineers conduct mutual inspections, including DFM inspection, QA inspection, EMC inspection, and after the customer confirms OK, the Gerber and other production documents are issued.


    We have an experienced PCB design team that can fully consider factors such as DFM, DFT, high-speed, EMC and other factors that may affect product performance during the design process. In order to ensure product quality, each project must go through the joint work of Exceeding's senior team Review, and Exceeding also has a complete "Technical Guidance" and "Technical Specifications", each project is done in strict accordance with the design specifications, and customers can also provide more technical additional suggestions besides layout to ensure that PCB design products are higher quality.

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