Exceeding Electronics Group Limited is specialized in producing printed circuit  boards of “multi-variety, medium and small batch, fast delivery”. 70% of the products are sold to Europe and the United States, and 30% of the products are sold to Asia and China. Products are mainly used in high-tech fields such as computers,telecommunication equipments,medical equipments, industrial controls, military industry, aerospace, instrumentation and automotive industry.
Since its establishment in Sep. 2001,  Exceeding Electronics has introduced the most advanced technology, production equipment and testing equipment. After nearly 20years of development, it has become a domestic first-class full-process multilayer circuit board manufacturer. . . 

  • AOI machine
  • AOI-6
  • Exposure-5
  • Final quality control
  • FAQ

QHow many quantities are the PCBA manufacturing orders set in batch?


QWhat are the brand equipment used by the purple light Electronics Group SMT, and what are the advantages of this kind of equipment?


QWhat are the advantages of the purchase of the components of the purple light electronics group?


QBusiness consulting question:

AMulti-layer sample and quick turn, quick turn for Multi-layer at small and middle quantity

QHow is your lead time for PCBA?

APCBA is a composed service, the lead time depends on production time. Take the common industrial controller for example, if the order quantity is sample, we can deliver 3 days later after all componen……

QHow to protect customer privacy?

AThe protection for customer’s privacy is our primary insurance when we provide design service for customer. We will sign NDA with customer; our computer has no access to outer space; our company's……

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