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As a leading electronic product design and manufacturing outsourcing service provider, Jinbazi is determined to make progress, unity and cooperation, and successfully provides product services and technological innovation to more than 12,000 customers worldwide. It is in a stage of rapid development.


We attach importance to personnel training and echelon construction, respect every employee's labor, tap every employee's qualities, to help each employee development and improvement.


First-class hardware facilities, superior working environment, competitive salary system, a sound talent cultivation mechanism and diversified channels of promotion and development ...... We sincerely look forward to your joining!


First, a factory manager (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, college degree or above, more than 8 years large-scale PCB model factory management experience in co-ordination;

2, excellent PCB process management, project management, quality management and production planning co-ordination management capabilities;

3, a successful case of optimizing the production process, improve efficiency, improve quality or reduce costs;

4, Familiar with all kinds of high multi-level, special sheet and special technology of the difficulty of technology and production management.

Job Responsibilities:

1, overall responsibility for PCB factory production management.

2, responsible for leading the improvement of plant efficiency, reduce costs, delivery and quality improvement project work, and the result is responsible for.

Second, an incubator director of operations (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, college degree or above, more than 5 years Incubator, Industrial Park, Chong create a space such as construction, operation and management experience.

2, there are incubators, industrial parks, creating a space project management and project introduction experience.

3, has a good ability in government relations and government project management experience.

4, with good communication and on-site problem solving ability, strong execution, can withstand greater work pressure.

Job Responsibilities:

1, establish and improve incubator operating platform, build incubator service system;

2, overall responsibility for incubator operations, park property management operations;

3, Be responsible for the strategic planning, marketing, investment promotion, project analysis and operation of incubator;

4, Responsible for the research and implementation of various policies and promote the sharing of advantageous resources of enterprises.

Third, the general manager of a manufacturing company (work place: Shenzhen)


1, 30 -45 years old, full-time electronic bachelor degree or above;

2, Familiar with one-stop hardware innovation solutions and products based on PCB and PCB components from product idea to manufacture, with creative electronic product manager and product director experience as the best;

3, Have a good technical background, familiar with the development and management of various types of electronic hardware products and implementation system;

4, with rich supply of electronic components market supply chain, familiar with all sectors of electronic products and technology supply channels;

5, have a good electronic hardware market development and marketing capabilities, familiar with product advantages and downstream products on the market environment.

6, More than 5 years post experience of deputy general manager or general manager of science and technology enterprises, strong comprehensive quality and ability, it is best to have new projects of electronic products and new company successful experience in starting a business.

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the overall operations management of manufacturing companies, technology research and development, technology integration, supply chain resources and marketing.

2, responsible for the efficient integration of electronic hardware technology and supply chain resources to meet the needs of customers all types of electronic hardware products.

3, responsible for the development of product technology company strategy, planning and research core product line.

4, Responsible for the market development and marketing work of creating products or one-stop orders (such as the ability to be excellent, may concurrently serve as the general manager of the group marketing company, and be responsible for the overall management of all product marketing of the group).

Fourth, an order and sales management director (work place: Shenzhen)


1, 30 -45 years old, professional bachelor degree or above;

2, with PCB, IEMS business model order management experience, with very light order planning and production control;

3, with multi-regional marketing management, marketing support logistics marketing experience and ability;

4, with PCB, IEMS enterprise marketing system standards and the implementation of landing ability;

5, excellent communication skills, problem solving skills and execution, more than 5 years sales experience in group management company, with PCB industry orders and sales management experience is better;

6, excellent data analysis capabilities, and good at summarizing.

Job Responsibilities:

1, Responsible for the group sales order co-ordination management, orders reasonable diversion management and production management.

2, Responsible for marketing team goal, team building, power and responsibility process specification, marketing model;

3, responsible for marketing team training, performance, personnel management of integrated development.

3, Responsible for order data, sales data, customer data analysis and management work, combined with the analysis of the results of the proposed regional sales optimization.

4, responsible for sales administration, conferences, logistics support and other overall management.

5, responsible for the decomposition of the marketing goals, process supervision and regional implementation of the target process measures to develop and supervise.

Five, Recruitment Engineer / Senior Recruiter 1 (Work Location: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, college degree or above, more than 3 years in high-end job recruitment / hiring experience.

2, a PCB industry, EMS industry recruitment experience is preferred.

3, with a comprehensive knowledge of the recruitment system, familiar with the development of recruitment channels, and can combine the characteristics of the job using the best recruitment channels.

4, outgoing personality, enthusiastic initiative, good communication and execution.

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the recruitment of high-end jobs.

2, responsible for recruitment channel development and recruitment channel maintenance.

3, Responsible for the management of candidates and new staff.

Six, a training lecturer (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, with professional training knowledge and training ability, according to the needs of trainers analysis, training courses designed to develop planning programs;

2, with strong analytical skills and curriculum research and development capabilities;

3, with good speech skills, language skills;

4, have a good learning ability, ability to innovate.

Job Responsibilities:

1, under the guidance of the training manager, to develop training courses to ensure that training programs meet the training needs;

2, Under the guidance of the training manager, collect and evaluate relevant courses and study materials; develop and maintain proper learning and training channels;

3. Participate in training lectures, prepare training lectures, do lesson preparation work, enrich course content, design course structure, do well on-site control, and continue to complete the training course based on the feedback from the course.

4, do a good job in training records and follow-up feedback after the training effect; analysis and summary of training work, put forward training and curriculum management to improve the rationalization proposals; evaluation of training effectiveness, and submit the analysis report.

Seven, a component procurement engineer (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, Familiar with the supply market environment of many kinds of materials;

2, Familiar with the parameters of electronic components, familiar with the purchasing and supplier management processes;

3, cheerful, flexible thinking, strong communication skills.

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the procurement of electronic components, supplier development;

2, responsible for product cost accounting.

Eight, a quality manager (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, 3 years working experience in electronics manufacturing industry and above;

2, quality control experience for more than 5 years, the quality of the person in charge of more than 2 years experience;

3, Familiar with PCBA production process and inspection standards;

4, Familiar with ISO9000 and IATF16949 related standards and implementation and maintenance;

5, Familiar with quality system construction and planning;

6, Familiar with quality management tools

7, have strong communication and coordination skills;

8, strong sense of responsibility, with strong sense of training.

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for improving the quality of the division;

2, responsible for the construction of quality team;

3, the maintenance of quality system.

Nine, a plan manager / senior manager (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, college degree or above, more than 5 years planning large-scale PCB plant planning management experience.

2, familiar with all kinds of difficult PCB production process, and be able to master the process equipment production capacity and staffing.

3, excellent planning and planning planning capacity.

4, excellent communication and coordination and strong execution.

5, there is a successful case of bottleneck production breakthroughs to enhance production efficiency.

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for PCB factory daily production plan, scheduling and delivery management.

2, Responsible for capacity analysis of each process and equipment and reasonable deployment of personnel to ensure the best production capacity.

3, Responsible for organizing the group allocation, reasonable outgoing and overall performance optimization

Ten, one in charge of welding (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, college and above, working experience in the same post for more than 2 years, model factory priority;

2, to understand the welding process and process principles;

3, with strong organization, execution;

4, good communication skills.

Job Responsibilities:

1 in accordance with the Planning Department to develop production scheduling scheduling production, to ensure the progress of production;

2. Reasonable allocation of personnel and equipment, adjust the production layout and production load, improve production efficiency;

3. The production process monitoring, guidance, while the production quality control, to ensure product quality;

4. Establish on-site management system and guide the training of on-site management knowledge;

5. To promote 6S on-site management system, the standardization of production workshop management;

6. Statistical analysis of the cost of the workshop, the establishment of operational cost control measures.


Eleven, process control engineer 2 (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, college degree or above, excellent business ability may be appropriate to relax the academic requirements;

2, Master IPC-A600H, IPC-6012C, IPC-TM-650 and other standards;

3, Familiar with the HDI board production process, grasp the wet process / dry process process requirements and quality control priorities, a certain understanding of machining, dry area / electroplating wet area;

4, to ISO / 91001, ISO / TS16949 quality system have a certain understanding;

5, with strong communication skills, rapid implementation and organizational ability to promote.

Job Responsibilities:

1, the quality objectives to undertake and improve management, product quality problems in the production process;

2, deviation analysis and quality anomalies and quality improvement, organization QCC topics;

3, CP standard rate of management, formulate various quality-related inspection standards and documents;

4, assist in handling customer complaints and supervision measures proposed and implemented;

5, new product analysis, quality control, seeking through testing, control and improve processes to improve product quality;

6, quality projects, system import, management and standardization of internal temporary documents;

7, the implementation of quality-related meetings resolution, the various corrective measures for the prevention of inspection, the implementation of Quality Inspection Department of the various elements of the inspection, the development of inspection reports;

8, based on "quality award and punishment management approach" to report irregularities.

Twelve, a line manager (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, more than two years of line process management experience;

2, Familiar with various craft principle, PCB making process;

3, Have strong communication and coordination skills, and have effective control over all the goals and targets;

4, a good analysis and problem solving ability.

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the line department personnel, equipment, quality, capacity and other co-ordinated management.

Thirteen, a customer service engineer (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, college degree or above, the same post work experience for more than 2 years;

2, Familiar with customer service process and PCB production process;

3, Familiar with IPC standards such as IPC-A-600H and IPC-TM-650;

4, Completed the production and reply of guest complaint 8D report independently, had good ability of communication and exchange, and handled abnormal response ability on site;

Job Responsibilities:

1, daily customer service job processing;

2, customer feedback of the abnormal 8D report the production and response;

3, analysis and improvement of the organization of major customer complaints;

4, to promote the improvement of factory quality and supervision of the implementation of the relevant measures and follow-up.

XIV, a QAE engineer (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, college degree or above, familiar with production technology knowledge;

2, 1-2 years QAE audit experience;

3, a better operating office software (OFFICE software), good communication skills, general English reading ability;

4, serious and responsible work, work efficiency.

5, dedicated, patient, meticulous;

6, with strong organizational and management skills, quality awareness and production optimization cost awareness

7, to maintain a high degree of enthusiasm for work.

Job Responsibilities:

1, from the perspective of production cost, quality, efficiency is responsible for the audit of the sample data to ensure that the quality of an effective check;

2, the risk orders and key customer orders for risk control;

3, for departmental quality problems, put forward measures to promote the improvement of departmental quality.

Pre-trial engineer 1 (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, Familiar with PCB process, master PCB design software Gerber conversion, skilled use of CAM software GENESIS or CAM350, Polar software will calculate the impedance;

2, there is a certain understanding of the special board;

3, have a certain understanding of the PCB pricing;

4, serious and responsible work, good at communication, with service awareness.

Job Responsibilities:

1, to assess the integrity of customer information, manufacturability;

2, extract customer information pricing information, enter the system;

3, the output quotation provided to sales.


Sixteen, the order host 2 (work place: Daya Bay, Huizhou)


1, college education, purchasing or PMC experience is preferred, with the ability to withstand hardship;

2, Familiar with the birth control. Material control. Purchasing. Warehouse. Customer service workflow;

3, Excel office PPT office software production operation proficiency, there is a certain basis for training and teaching;

4, with the order delivery progress tracking, device delivery progress and follow-up ability, business, customer service capabilities;

5, with strong organization, planning, control, communication, coordination and execution.

Job Responsibilities:

1, customer visit reception and information delivery;

2, PCBA delivery and delivery of components and follow-up progress to ensure that products delivered to customers on time;

3, customer needs, internal needs and coordination;

4, superior business, customers and production units of information delivery, coordination;

5, monitor the consumption of production materials.

Seventeen, a customer service commissioner (work place: Shenzhen)


1, skilled use of office software, and ERP, OA and other office tools;

2, you can write in English mail exchange, basic English conversation;

3, good coordination and communication skills and teamwork, careful + patient;

4, to adapt to a faster pace of work, better resistance to pressure, customer-oriented service awareness;

5, the basic understanding of the production process of the PCB factory has priority.

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the online order follow-up of production progress