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Exceeding Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded, Baoan new and factory production

September sales in the month exceeded 1.5 million yuan


Baoan factory expansion for the first time to improve production capacity increased significantly

Aluminum-based power board batch process breakthrough, laid the "leading technology"

Passed ISO9002 certification

Enable the use of fluorine plastic substrate for the high-frequency board technology, and put into small batch production

The line of ultra-thick copper foil (60Z) multi-layer process, and put into small batch production

Shenzhen Division was established


The company passed UL certification

Enable the use of fluoroplastic-based multi-layer high-frequency board technology, and put into production

Enable 100K purification plant


Exceeding Electronics Co., Ltd. registered in Hong Kong

Overseas Marketing Department was established

Successfully developed low loss PCB for operation at high frequency (2.2G Hz)

Delivery cycle speed, double-sided, multi-ply delivery time shortened 24 hours on average, the establishment of "rapid response"

The number of monthly new chart breakthrough 600, engineering production capacity to the next level

BGA plug hole technology innovation made new achievements, the average production cycle shorter than the original 6 hours


Shenzhen factory second comprehensive transformation, doubling production capacity

Through the software industry in Shenzhen double soft certification

Won the second session of China's electronic circuit industry "outstanding national brand enterprises," the title

The same year the factory was named "Shenzhen high-tech enterprises"


Create a one-stop design and manufacturing services IIDM

Exceeding Electronics Co., Ltd. subsidiary established

Set up a subsidiary "Shenzhen Intercontinental Circuit Co., Ltd."

Low formally put into operation in the same year the site Shenzhen, Manhole Industrial Park Wan'an (8-9)

PCB design business was officially launched, one-stop service capacity established


Exceeding Electronics Co., Ltd. Branch was established

Set up branch "poly Valley Circuit Technology Co., Ltd."

Undertake international PCB design seminar

Successfully developed six rigid-flex PCB


Exceeding Electronics Co., Ltd. changed its name to

Exceeding Electronics Group Co., Ltd.

Baoan Xinhe third expansion plant completed

The company's high Tg thick copper foil PCB processing technology through the identification of scientific and technological achievements

PCB design business was officially launched, one-stop service capacity established

The establishment of two overseas markets


Communication module assembly line started production

Dongguan factory production

Poly Valley Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. named "Dongguan Peng Chang Bo Electronics Co., Ltd."

Company "layer laminated structure making software" access to computer software copyright registration certificate

Company "PCB industry prenatal processing system" access to computer software copyright registration certificate


In response to the planning of the country, in Jiangxi Wan'an County. Base laid the foundation stone

Exceeding Electronics Group ushered in the tenth anniversary

The company passed the TS16949 system certification.


Intercontinental Circuit Co., Ltd. officially moved into office - Jiangxi. Wan'an County (the third industrial zone)

Strategic Transformation - Efficiency, Innovation, Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation;

Exceeding Group Customer Service Center was formally established;


Jiangxi Ziguang Group won the Ji'an City to create harmonious labor relations demonstration area project standards enterprises;

Jiangxi Ziguang Group through the Provincial Science and Technology Agency identified high-tech enterprises;

Jiangxi Ziguang Group successfully passed the "national military standard quality management system" certification;


"Core even dream world together" Group annual awards and 2014 New Year party grand;

Violet Group CPCA Association successfully held PCB design and assembly of large-scale training;

Violet Group passed the "weapons and equipment quality system certification";

Ziguang Group won the "annual circuit board industry green business";

The total number of customer service purple group exceeded 9700.


Dongguan Exceeding Group through the medical device quality management system ISO13485

Ziguang Group passed the 2016 military and civilian quality management system supervision and audit

Annual "Green Enterprise" title

2015 - - 2025 Innovative Public Technology Platform from Design and Manufacturing Services

April 2015

Exceeding Group set up small and medium-sized batch PCBA production line, serving the high-end model of the Institute of Colleges and Universities to order

The total capacity to reach 85,000 square meters per month

Was named "national high-tech enterprises"

Won the "private leading backbone enterprises" title

Jiangxi factory passed the cleaner production audit