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Q: Business consulting question:
A: Multi-layer sample and quick turn, quick turn for Multi-layer at small and middle quantity
Q: How is your lead time for PCBA?
A: PCBA is a composed service, the lead time depends on production time. Take the common industrial controller for example, if the order quantity is sample, we can deliver 3 days later after all components arrives; smallorder is 4-5 days after components arr
Q: How to protect customer privacy?
A: The protection for customer’s privacy is our primary insurance when we provide design service for customer. We will sign NDA with customer; our computer has no access to outer space; our company'sprivacy protection is guided by military certificate GJ
Q: What needs to be provided when designing a PCB?
A: PCB design needs 4 files: schematic (SCH); data sheet; DXF; REQUST
Q: Which kinds of material you can proceed?
A: Our company can proceed with FR4, high frequency PTFE, ceramics, Alu/Copper base, PI, BT, buried capacity/resistors etch material.
Q: Exceeding Elec. Group. LTD quote includes freight charge?
A: It depends on customer’s request. If you have your own forwarder, we can use yours; If you don'thave own forwarder, we have the steady forwarders for you. to provide you delivery service, we will write freight charge in quote separately.
Q: How to avoid customer’s products to be leaked?
A: To protect customer’s file not to be leaked, we will sign NDA with customers, also we will save customers file in types basing on NDA requirements.
Q: How do you charge for quick turn service?
A: Speed-up one day increases 20% of total amount; two days for 40%; more than 3 days needs to be evaluated basing on the different conditions
Q: Which kind of order is your advantage?
A: Multi-layer sample and quick turn, quick turn for Multi-layer at small and middle quantity
Q: How is your delivery time?
A: Currently our lead time for standard quantity<1 sqmtr is: 2L, 5 days; 4L, 6 days; 6L, 7days; 8L, 8days; 10L, 9 days; 12L, 10days. If our lead time still can not satisfy you, we can provide quick turn service which can speed up 2-4days basing on standar
Q: Compare with other PCB factory, what is your advantage?
A: Our company focus on PCB sample, middle and small quantity when it established, we provide you high quality, quick and professional services. We are especially suitable for the R&D companyand fast-growing company, also we can provide you with PCB desi